4G Technology in Mobile Phones – In it to Win It?

High-tech technology in mobile phones at competitive prices, has made smartphones a viable option for the all.

So how’s is it that a relatively small device loaded with technology has made itself so very important to all of us?

Well, the answers to suchquestions are quitesimple: It has managed to bring people across the globe to be connected at the simple touch of a button; it gives instant information and also helps to keep one entertained.

But like each piece of technology, mobile technology has also come a long way -from the once large and heavy hand held devices, to today’s suave, light-weighted yet feature loaded, high speed connectivity enabled 4G mobile phones, the road for technological advances seems never-ending. It’s an ever evolving process in which the biggest challenge is to make the next device better than the previous installment.

Mobile Phones: A brief history

  • The mobile phones can be classified into 4 generations till date – OG, 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones.
  • The first truly useable handheld device, via which calls could be made, was developed in 1973 and it represented the Zero Generation (0G) mobile phone technology.
  • Post this, in 1983, the first mobile was approvedand represented the First Generation (1G) phones with fully automatic cellular networks.
  • After this, technology related to phones started advancing every year. The Second Generation (2G) phones were the ones where the first SMS was sent along with the arrival of data services on phones.
  • Third Generation (3G) phones were launched in 2001, and offered better connectivity with features such as enabling video calling and better speeds.
  • Fourth Generation (4G) mobiles phones were introduced in 2012 giving customers superfast connectivity and speedy downloads.

Difference between 3G and 4G Mobile Phones

The main and underlining difference between 3G and 4G mobile phones is that 4G speeds are 10 times faster than 3G. Hence better network speeds means better connectivity and more media can be exchanged between consumers. It is like having a personalized broadband on your phone, which makes life way easier and fast paced, in tune with today’s generation.

Features of Fourth Generation (4G) Mobile Phones

  • It offers speeds between the range of 2MBPS and 1GBPS.
  • It uses a Unified IP and seamless combination of broadband services.
  • It gives its users dynamic access to information.
  • Provides users to access information on the go using wearable devices.
  • Multiple access is enabled via CDMA.
  • It has horizontal and vertical handoff.
  • Average speeds on 4G networks are 12-15 Mb/second.
  • Upload speeds on an average are 11 Mb/second.

Benefits of 4G Mobile Phones

  • Excellent voice calls clarity
  • Improved continuous internet connectivity.
  • High speed downloads
  • Simplified usage

Future Scope

With technology constantly evolving, 4G is definitely not the last connectivity milestone to have been achieved; 5G mobile phones are just around the corner, which would provide bandwidth above 1GBPS and even higher network speeds. It would also include multiple access via BDMA along with CDMA.

Health Tech Gadgets And Gizmos For 2018

Best health tech gadgets
After holidays, all the time, it is a wise idea to take care of our body, we are out of shape, 3 or even 5 pounds heavier so, from this point of view, we will need some support, and we believe that tech gadgets can be next to you.
Using such equipments you can gain again your healthy lifestyle and for you, like consumer, it is easy in our days to decide what you can use because there are dozens of products and gadgets online on the healthcare internet market.
Because we already know that stress can be fought with success with the entire help of technology, today we decide to reveal some of the most important and top-rated health tech gadgets.
We can identify the latest trends in tech innovation if we read more around the internet, if we search after genuine sellers and brands, only in this way we will understand how important is to use for you, for your beloved ones, only quality and top-rated products.
  • Take an EKG anytime, easy and anywhere
If we discuss today about best health tech gadgets we must mention one great product, developed by AliveCor – with it you can take a medical-grade EKG in less than one minute.
For this you must use the Kardia app on your smart phone, put your finger on the electrodes and that’s it.
After this you can check your results instantly so, with less efforts you can use this amazing device.
  • Instant Hot and Cold Pain Relief Wand
    For the wearable pain relief you must use four AA batteries.
    This great device can be used all the time to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and to treat aching muscles.
    • Smart watch against sleep apnoea – a new proof about the latest trend in health technology.
    • For this dangerous health condition, this great device can be a gold mine, actually for every future consumer. Because it is very dangerous during sleeping, apnoea might generate heart disease, brain attacks, hypertension.
      In the present, this top-rated brand – Neogia, offers a wise solution for recognizing this problem and normalizing your sleep.
      If we take time to check and to learn more about the recent developments in heath tech gadgets we will realize that out there are a lot of genuine sellers, well-known brands, huge financial investments and a lot of options for every user we want to shop such devices.
      Our recommendation is that before placing any order, it will be good to discuss with your doctor and together with him to decide what it is safe to use, what gadgets are safe to use for your medical condition.
      A good idea can be reading on the online market about your future products, check some online reviews, try to identify and issues posted on some older comments and if is not enough, feel free to contact that seller directly.
      Given the advances in health technology we must be aware of using fake products or low-quality devices. Don’t hesitate to put your questions, to contact the seller or to read more, not just the product description. For any question related to this topic, please feel free to send us your message to our team and we will reply as soon as possible.

Tech on The Open Road – Essentials For Your Next Road Trip

Taking a wrong turn and ending up somewhere odd and unfamiliar is a feature of all good road trips. It’s not quite the same, after all, if you get from A to B without a bit on unscheduled excitement. However, some aspects of the road trip – such as cold hands and warm drinks – are things that, in 2018, you can certainly do without!

Luckily for you, technology companies around the world have come up with nifty gadgets ranging from essential companions to luxury indulgences, all designed to make the road trip more enjoyable without sacrificing its adventurous core.


Reliable phone reception and plenty of battery are things you just can’t do without these days. It is fun getting lost on a road trip but less fun when you cannot contact anyone for directions. These two gadgets will help you to stay on track and keep your friends in the loop as you go.

  • Mobile Router – Although sometimes leaving the internet behind can seem like an attractive proposition, it is less handy when looking for the best bars and attractions in wherever you end up. The Netgear Around Town router allows you to set up a hotspot for up to ten people, so everyone in the car can share the adventure with friends back home.
  • Power Pack – Whether it’s in the middle of a canyon or on the dancefloor, nothing is more frustrating than your phone battery dying on you. Bring plenty of good quality power packs with you so that your party can keep connected on the long drive.

Useful Additions

As well as essential gadgets, it’s also handy to bring along a few bits of tech that make the overall journey more pleasant and enjoyable without breaking the bank.

  • USB Heated Gloves – The saying might go ‘cold hands, warm heart’, but try telling that to your mate after a winter walk and they won’t be happy. These clever gloves help to keep hands warm whatever the weather, plugging easily into any USB jack.
  • Light Diffuser – Small travel lamps are cheap and very useful. If the drive is a very long one, it’s unreasonable to think you will be talking and larking about all the way. With a few light diffusers, passengers can read or fiddle with maps when it gets dark without distracting the driver.

Luxury Items

Now you have all the boring stuff sorted out, why not indulge in a few travel gadgets to make the trip extra-comfy?

  • Coolest Cooler with Speaker – The coolest gadget in any car boot has to be this speaker and drinks cooler. As if it wasn’t already useful enough, it also comes with a blender and a cutting board. Amazing right!
  • Travel Guitar – No road trip is complete without a good singalong. Make a fire, get out the marshmallows and bring a small Martin Steel String Backpacker guitar. With its small robust shape, this guitar doesn’t take up much room. Bring it along and you can be blasting out ‘Wonderwall’ in no time.

Of course, a very important component of any road trip is quality gadget travel insurance. With all the unexpected surprises and outdoor activities you’ll have planned, there are lots of potential risks for your phone and other gadgets while you are away. Focus on the road and the freedom of the trip by investing in some gadget travel insurance before you set off – you won’t regret it.

Electronic Gadgets For Home

In our days, every homeowner can take advantage of using the latest smart home technology, genuine products, and wireless items, remotely and with a lot of new features.
We can identify awesome smart home devices and from this point of view this can bring us a lot of benefits because if we will make a good analyse related to our house we will understand that we can buy and develop many online applications and through this step we can have a complete control digitally through WiFi systems or Bluetooth technology.
Digital home gadgets represent a good investment, for a long-term period of time, only if we decide to shop those genuine products from trusted brands, with few years of warranty and with future improvements.
We can find a lot of sellers on the internet for this niche because electronic gadgets for home represent a wide-range category and all the time we will discover more brands and suppliers.
With these products we can take control and create one complete automation for our home, it involves the control of heating systems, security, lighting or other home appliances.
Smart Home Gadgets
  • Smart Thermometer – Withings Thermo
Thi amazing product is CE-cleared and one important feature is that it measures from the temporal artery because it is supposed that it is the best place to detect temperature changes.
This smart thermometer is a temporal thermometer with 16 infrared sensors which can be connected to a smartphone app in order to help us to manage every fever episodes.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini – a great product from TP-Link
With this device we can control all our devices from anywhere, no hub required. It has a compact design, and one good feature is that it works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
Can be used and we can develop many home applications with genuine electronic items.
Other benefits:
  • You can schedule the Smart Plug to automatically power electronics on and off as needed.
  • Wireless type – 2.4 GHz, 1T1R
  • Away home – a great feature which allows you like homeowner to turn on or off your home devices to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Arlo Pro Security Camera
With this amazing gadget you can stay safe and secure all the time, you can use the free Arlo app with the latest smartphones or devices such as Android, web browsers, iOS or Android.
This great gadget is a wire-free indoor and outdoor security camera who has rechargeable batteries and one good option is that you can audio signals to any Arlo base station system. It has sound-activated alerts, a 100+ decibel siren and 2-ways audio.
Smart home gadgets represent a wise investment in our days and it is important to realise that in this category we must include a lot of products, sensors, home appliances, different items and electronic devices networked together to enable automation.
In the same time, for us like consumers it is good to understand that in order to obtain such benefits and to use these equipments we must use different software on computing products because only in this way we can have complete control over every function or feature.
Try to know which are the best hardware devices and what are the reliable online sources for trusted software because you need this good connection between this two – hardware and software.
Good luck and don’t forget that for any support we are next to you and we wait every message or request.

Best Car Gadgets 2018

Best Car Gadgets and Accessories in 2018
If you want to stay safe and connected with the latest technology related to the automotive industry, it is a good idea to discover some of the latest and best car gadgets in 2018.
It means that through this process of searching after the latest and most important gizmos for the auto industry, you will most likely buy some great items for your favorite brand and car. There are a lot of car gadgets and accessories in the online market, the most important for every consumer or buyer will be to understand what order will become a wise investment for him or maybe for his beloved ones.
Even we discuss about development, the latest designs, online marketing or spare parts for automotive industry, all the time we will identify the best car gadgets and accessories, with some great features and with a clear goal of moving forward and to be able to offer a great experience for every buyer or car owner.
The 4 Coolest Car Gadgets just for you!
Because we want to have a great experience when we are driving and it is normal to search after the best car gadgets available online and suitable for us like drivers, we decide to reveal some great products that will help us to drive secure, safe and smart.
Such amazing car gadgets can be bought through a lot of e-commerce platforms or directly from the most reliable manufactures. If you want to shop online, with fast shipment and with 3-5 months of warranty for your items, our today’s recommendation is to read more, to fa reda pa mer (available for our Swedish readers).
  • Car Interior Lights Gadgets | briteNway
This great gadget has seven colors and multiple patterns for front and back car decoration or customization. With this product you can easily select between different flashing modes, such as fading, chasing effects or strobing.
Other benefits:
  • Lighting accessories 12V
  • One easy setup, with a clean process
  • Sound activation
  • Wireless remote control – you can easily customize your trip
  • Car Phone Mount Holder – it has 360-degree rotation from the dashboard. It is suitable for Apple devices, for Samsung Galaxy generation and it sold by Stick it 360 on Amazon.com
When we talk about the best car gadgets 2018, we are happy to reveal to our readers this amazing product – it has a genuine combination between a great design and the top-rated features in car magnetic mounts.
  • You can rotate it easily, you can adjust the angle of your device, is flexible and available at affordable prices.
  • Premium quality regarding the magnet and a new and represents a new and safe way to drive.
  • Kenwood DVD Monitor
This represents a wise investment for every buyer, a great product, bluetooth receiver Sirius/MP3/WMA. You can drive safe and be sure that you will love it – bluetooth hands-free calling, audi streaming and multpile functions.
With this wise investment you will gain access to more that 150 audio chanells. Please take a look and understand more about our latest recommendation:
  • Screen size is 6.2 inch
  • DVD/CD player, with a lot of functions and accessories
-Touch panel control with white key illumination
  • Multi-language menu
  • Mazimum output power – 50W*4
  • 3 Preouts (2.5V)
  • USB features and DVD/CD options
  • External media control features
  • Dual phone connection and remote control interface.
  • Car Trunk Organizer – a great gadget for every driver or car owner. Premium storage box, with a lot of spaces and with strong handles.
Discover other benefits:
  • great looking design – portable and easy to keep in your home
  • reinforced handles
  • maximum load it is 118 pounds

Cool Gadgets You Can Use at Home

Amazing cool gadgets you can use at home
We need technology, we must use more and more smart home devices, cool gadgets or genuine gizmos for our life style.
Even we discuss about indoor or outdoor items and products, during the past years, the major brands and manufactures take the decision of making new and important financial investments for such products in order to increase their online and offline relevance.
Through this process, they succeed to develop new designs and innovations, a new market integration, new payments and shipping options for their customers, and many other opportunities for us like consumers.
It is important to understand that for such cool gadgets you must have a medium budget, on yearly basis because all the time, if you like these products, you will identify new items that can improve your home applications or new features that you add to your existing smart home gadgets.
Using them you must believe that your home will be smarter, your life style will be improved and you will enjoy your daily activities and not in the end, you will secure your residence
Discover the best smart home gadgets
  • Discover Momo – The Home Genius
Using this amazing gadget your home will be protected by artificial intelligence. Using Momo you will take advantage of using a great and genuine product, a home security assistant integrated into a nice lamp, with a friendly design.
The main benefits are:
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Facial recognition
  • Smart security sensors
*Great connection with other security systems
  • It suggests automation for your home and daily habits.
  • It has a great and open architecture.
  • Hidden Security Camera – Wall Charger
This USB amazing gadget is great to use for different purposes – supervise your children, watch your employees, protect your home and not just your home.
It works like a 1.5A iPhone/Android charger, it has a great feature that can offer you like owner a great advantage – motion detection based recording records, in this way you will receive different signals when real movement is detected.
Supports 128GB micro SD memory card. Please read more and discover other benefits and features:
  • Can provide between 18-24 hours of recording
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • Compatible with iOS iPhone, Android, and not in the end, RemoteView app
  • When memory is full you can set enabled or active one great feature – Loop Recording- automatically overwrites oldest files
  • Advanced 9712 lens and Huawei Hisilicon 3518 V100 chipset
  • Simple to use.
  • Learning Thermostat – Easy temperature control
Another amazing gadget provided by Nest – easy to use, he will learn your habits and will help you to have a better control regarding the temperature of every home space, of course, with less financial efforts.
You can choose between a digital or analog clock face.
It has a nice design, a sharper display and can be used in different spaces. Another feature is that it lights up when you coming and he will reveal the time and temperature from across the room.
For those who want to discover other new cool gadgets, please try to search on different online stores after such items, one recommendation can be Bazaar Gadgets.
Don’t forget, mobile technology is next to us, modern technology will reveal new and amazing gadgets in the next period of time so, you must be prepared to take advantage of using all these products.
Because people are amazed by the new innovations, you must be next to every new release, to read more, to test more such products and finally, to place new orders for those products that can help you and your life.

Top 3 Best Summer Gadgets

Just for you – the best tech summer gadgets 2018
Discover with us a top-rated collection of the best tech summer gadgets
All the time we want to place orders and to buy only genuine products and accessories and this is available even for your desired summer gadgets. Even we discuss about the best tech summer gadgets or small items suitable for this summer, it is good to have a good idea from where you can shop for such products.
One of the most important recommendations is related to those e-commerce platforms from where you can shop such summer gadgets at affordable prices but, be aware of those fake sellers or platforms because you can find such stores around the internet.
Maybe you will spend more with 10-25% compared with your desired budget but, on the long-term period of time, you will realize that a good decision to shop only from trusted online stores it will be a wise investment.
One of the most important stores is Amazon – a wide selection of categories and subcategories with the latest tech summer gadgets.
Another recommendation for our European customers and readers is Bazaar Gadgets – a trusted online store with a huge collection of electronics gadgets, home, and summer gadgets.
Try to take your time and to discover there other new products and accessories that are available at affordable prices and with different shipping options, including free shipping.
Like we discussed already in our previous posts, we have a huge opportunity in the online market in the present – we can shop fast and secure such gadgets, the only thing that you must be careful is related to the quality of those products. Please take a look and discover top 3 best summer gadgets:
• Outdoor Bean Bag Sun Lounger
This outdoor bean bag sun lounger with headrest is a really amazing summer gadget, it is available with all-weather covers, has a great design, a modern bean bag chaise/recliner.
Other benefits:
  • removable and machine-washable cover
  • great for indoor and outdoor use
  • includes fade, mold, UV, and weather resistant Sunbrella cover.
• Sacuba – Self-cleaning sunglasses
We cannot discuss about the best summer gadgets without a good mention regarding Sacuba self-cleaning sunglasses. With this product you must just to push the lens up and down to clean and clear.
• Hammock for Camping
Top-rated quality – single and double hammocks just for your and for your beloved ones. It is made from high quality heavy duty 210T parachute nylon, you will enjoy a new experience!
This great gadget represent a wise investment and can be a great gift idea for you friends and family.
The Single Version – 1 person – is 9ft long by 4 1/2 ft wid, and the double version – 2 persons – it is 10ft long by 6 1/2 ft wide.
It is a perfect choice for your future travels, for camping, generally speaking, for a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.


Tech Gadgets For Babies

Discover Top 5 Greatest Tech Gadgets for Babies
In the last months and even last year, if we make a good online research, we will discover a lot of tech gadgets for babies and for new parents, products and accessories, items that every parent should have for their children.
It’s a perfect time to discover the latest tech gadgets for babies because in the parenting niche we will identify a lot of top-rated manufacturers and in the same time, new brands, with other products and accessories, that will try to make your life much easier.
Genuine tech gadgets for babies online
For every consumer it is very difficult to place a new order for such items because he must make a good analyze related at least to the following factors:
  • Those products are suitable only for new parents, are targeted products to one specific niche?
  • What are the main benefits of using such tech gadgets for babies?
  • Some of these gadgets can be wireless connected?
  • Issues or positive factors related to future shipments, warranty, price, and orders.
Hot gadgets for babies can be seen in a lot of nline stores or e-commerce platforms but try to understand that not all of them are genuine or even more, are not safe to be used at every age.
So, from this point of view, please try to discover some of our recommendations, and for every question or issues about such devices and products, don’t hesitate to send us your message.
• 4.3″ LCD Baby Monitor System
This amazing product can make your new life like a parent more easier, the LCD parent unit has up to eight-hour battery life.
Other benefits are:
  • Two digital cameras, both of them with infrared night vision
  • Room temperature sensor
  • A great feature is that this product has a temperature, sound and motions alerts
  • a perfect sound for a good night sleep for your baby – three preloaded lullabies, white noise, and waves
  • Suitable up to four cameras
  • It has a secure 2.4 GHz static-free digital wireless transmission.
Such genuine products can be found at Prylar pa Bazaar Gadgets – one of the most important and well-known e-commerce platform for European customers.
• Wireless WIFI IP Camera Night Vision
In this case, we will discuss about a wise investment, a product with a new design and features, multi-stream baby monitor mobile phone remote monitoring.
  • It has high-quality video & audio systems integrated
  • IR-LED for night vision
  • Remote internet viewing with motion detection
  • Built-in network video recording system
  • MicroSD memory card slot – up to 64 GB
  • It comes with an antenna, microphone, and speaker
This can be a great gift idea for new babies and parents too.
• Digital Forehead Thermometer
With this product we can obtain the following benefits:
Body measuring mode and surface measuring – two important modes for every parent
Can be used for measure temperature of simple other items or surfaces
  • The thermometer reacts within 0.55 and it has options for recording the last 32 measurements for data analysis
  • A new great option is the alarm feature and signal
  • Advanced infrared temperature sensing technology
  • Fast measurement, the measurement range it is between 77-109.4 F
The response time it is 0.5 seconds.
• Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids
Try to take advantage of using these products for your kid, with touch screen iPad table holder. It has three pockets storage – bottles, smartphone, toys.
It is important to know that with his universal design it is suitable for most common back seats – height is 25 inch and it has the width 17.72 inches.
  • A great decision for every family vacation
  • Easy to install, very useful for keeping your drinks, phones or other products.
With such products, you can storage baby products, accessories and other personal items for your future holidays and trips. Enjoy it!